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Security Tag 

(A). Product Name: EM security Strips Double Sided for Books
Stock # PD122-1915   

Product Feature:

* EM security Double Sided Strips, 1000/box

* Quality you can trust at a price that will surprise you

* Double-sided adhesive for placement in between pages
  • * Strips are packaged individually and feature a convenient tail to easily remove liner
    * 1000 strips/box
    * Provide excellent detection in 3M or other electromagnetic security system
    * Quick ship
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  • (B). Product Name: Radio Frequency Security Tag
    Stock # (refer to specification)
    Product Feature:
    • * Cost-effective, easy-to-apply tags provide total protection without damaging materials
      * Can be used on all types of library materials and equipment
      * Select 8.2 MHz or 9.5 MHz frequency tags
      * 2,000/roll
      * 40x40mm RF tags work effectively in aisles up to 36"W and can be applied to those items too small to accommodate a 50x50mm RF tag
      * 50x50mm RF tags offer the highest detection level and work effectively in aisles up to 48"W
      * 40x40 RF tags measure 1-1/2"H x 1-5/8"W
      * 50x50 RF tags measures 2"H x 2"W
      * Plain tags easily hide under book pockets or book flaps for discrete protection
      * MOQ=2000/roll
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